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    Where's my file?

    Layit down

      Let me first start by saying that I am a Mac, using 10.4.

      Using Adobe Illustrator 10, I am experiencing a problem of saving a files the way I would like to.

      My program keeps turning my Adobe Illustrator files in to Adobe Arobate  Reader PDF's and in turn,

      I can't use them any more as an Illustrator file.  There are not "Return to Illustrator" choices.

      When I go to save, my first choice, I choose Adobe Illustrator, and click OK.  The next window that

      pops up is the choices of PDF, which I Uncheck, because I do not want a PDF file.

      It then shows up on my Desktop file as an Adobe Illustrator.  The next time I go back, it has turned

      into a PDF file and I can't turn it back into an Illustrator file.  Any help out there?