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    'phantom' fields appearing several edits down the line...

    Karel Bata Level 1

      I've been transferring stuff from PAL composite video via a Canopus ADVC300: http://desktop.grassvalley.com/products/ADVC300/index.php It creates huge AVI files which I then convert to a size I want to work with.


      I've been working on something that was edited 20 years ago on a VHS suite (no seriously!) and had no probs until creating a QT movie that I want to transcode on to DVD. At this stage I've started seeing 'ghost' fields of material from the frame before and after (actually it might be only the frame before, but I'm not sure) which I've not seen before.


      What has happened?


      My workfow is way too complex to describe here, but what should I do in the future to assure it doesn't happen again?


      And what tweaks in the Premiere render settings should I try out that might fix this now?


      I'm currently rendering to NTSC D1/DV (well, something like that).