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    Form Submission to FTP or HTTP


      I have made an application form.  I would like to have the users be able to submit the form either to a FTP or HTTP location.  Is there a way I can create a message or some kind of automated confirmation that once the submission button has been clicked the application form goes a way and a message appears confirming the application has been submitted.  At this point nothing changes and I could wind up with lots of repeats because users keep clicking expecting a change.  Thanks!

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          pguerett Level 6

          Just like an HTML page you can return another page to indicate that the server has recieved your message. If you are doing this from a browser then an HTML page can be returned. If you are in a standalone Reader/Acrobat then the HTML page will not be interpretted. You can however send back a PDF page.


          This will not stop the user from hitting submit multiple times. You can hide the real submit button, and put up a regular button (that look slike a submit to the user) and have it press the real submit for you, then lock the button so that the user cannot press it again.


          Hope that helps


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