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      I have a flex app that uses amfphp to call php functions, this works when I run the swf locally, or in a browser locally and is accessing the remote db on the server,


      however when I upload the swf to the server the swf doesn't seem to be returning any results from the db


      I've also checked the php functions using the service browser and it works fine,


      anyone ever experianced this or had any similar issues?





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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          Is compiler argument   -use-network   set to true?


          Project - Properties - Flex Compiler - Additional compiler arguments,   add   -use-network=true


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            Seglespaan Level 1

            didn't seem to make any difference

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              Seglespaan Level 1

              figured I should add my code


              public function getDistinct():Object
                              var gw:NetConnection = new NetConnection();
                              var res:Responder = new Responder(onResult, onFault);
                              function onResult(responds:Object):void
                                categoryResult = new ArrayCollection(responds.serverInfo.initialData);  
                              function onFault(responds:Object):void
                                  for(var i in responds)
                             gw.call("SPMethods.getDistinct", res);
                              return res;





              <mx:List id="categoryList"
                                  width="101" x="10" y="10"
                                  dataProvider = "{categoryResult}" labelField="1"
                                  change="changeIcons(categoryList.selectedItem)"  height="225">




              which like I say does work when I run it locally

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                Gregory Lafrance Level 6

                Is your SWF also being served from http://myserver/amfphp ?


                You may be facing a situation where a crossdomain.xml file is necessary.

                SWF files can only access data in the same domain where they were served from, and http://myserver.myCompany.com will be a different domain from http://www.myCompany.com, as sub-domains are treated as different domains.




                http://stackoverflow.com/questions/679952/flex-issue-with-crossdomain-xml-and-filereferenc e-upload


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