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    Linking scenes with dynamic/hyperlink text (not buttons!)

      Hi, I'm new here so if my question's been asked before, please redirect me to the solution. Otherwise, please read on....

      I made a site in Flash CS3 but I always save it to be compatible with Flash 8 or 9 (not CS3). I need to keep it that way in order for it function as I intend it to. So I cannot use ActionScript 3. My last Flash site was made with Flash 5 and it kind of mimics that.

      I only use one movie and do not use links to load other movie (.swf clips). I prefer my movie to be just the one file.

      Within this movie, I have successfully made buttons to link to each scene. But I have also used ActionScript to link dynamic text to external URLs. My question is....

      Is the fusion of the two possible? Can I use dynamic text (text that I keyed in) to load another scene? I have only ever been able to link scenes with buttons that I made and hence use the Go to and Play command.

      But a specific page in my site has a list of names that need to go to different scenes within my movie.

      Being that I do not want to use an external movie clip to load in my movie, nor do I intend to make 100 buttons, how can I do this? Is it possible?
      Please advise.