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    Site Translation "Work Horse"




      I'm currently doing some r&d for a current web site. We are going to support multiple translations and I'd like to use a one page to many language relationship within the system. The text is already translated and located within the database, and retrieved via a sql view/component call.


      My question is for anyone who has created or worked with a similar system. How did you assign the text to elements on the page? I don't need the entire code but any url/examples would be great to get me pointed in the right direction. Prior to the db driven translation resource, the text was stored in a language resource file (*.txt) and included in the page accordingly.



      <cfset lang['index']['elementName'] = "This is an element page text" />

      <cfset lang['index']['elementName2'] = "This is another element page text" />

      etc...more translation text


      Than of course within the page, where the element was placed would be the #lang['index']['elementName']# variables.


      Is this array type system the best option for this type of system? I got to believe there is something better out there but I'm not aware of any others and searching for information falls short of being informative.


      Any info would be appreciated.