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    <-- newb.. dvd video size?


      i have a 3d demo reel i wanna show to potential employers

      640 by 480 DV .....3.5 mins....quicktime h.264....29.97...size 550 mb



      problem 1: I thought about simply adding the video file itself to a DVD

      but when on other computers ( two differint laptops ) the video skips around

      when using both Quicktime pro and Windows media player. ( it doesnt skip on my pc ).


      problem 2: So i authored/burned a DVD with the file encoded in MPEG2 format of course

      and when it plays it goes to full screen not the native 640 by 480 size i want thus pixelizing the



      Question??  I want to mail these out ....so i want a person to insert the DVD into a computer

      and from the dvd menu click play and the video plays in 640 by 480 ( not full screen )

      --anyone knowhow is this possible? or

      --how could i get the DVD data disc with the video file to play and not skip in every other computer than

      my desktop?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Personally, I would put your Assets into a DV Project. Yes, I know that this not the normal workflow. Do not scale anywhere, and you will have your original Assets in a 720x480 Frame, with black around it, unscaled anywhere. Then, just author a DVD for playback on any computer equipped with a DVD software player. Using this method, I think, will not trigger the DVD player to up-rez the footage. I also do not think that the black border will be as apparant, as they would be on a TV. Now, you still have the potential issue of one playing a DVD-Video on a high-rez computer screen and hitting Full Screen.


          Playing AV files from a DVD-Data can be problematic, due to the differences in systems and throughput. However, this can also happen if the system is quite old and even the DVD software player could have issues.


          Good luck, and don't be surprised if there are some different ideas out there,



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            fourgenlude Level 1

            thanks ill try this  i have the same file that is in 720 480

            i diddnt even think about the auto sizing of that exact size

            of video in a dvd player