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    PE 7 capture DV footage - always auto-split?


      Hi there, I have PE7 and I'm capturing footage using firewire from a DV camera (through PE7's capture interface). I've noticed that it splits each 1 hour tape into multiple files (seemingly 1 file for each time the camera is stopped). It does this even if I have "Split scenes by Timecode" UNCHECKED.


      The help docs state:

      "Split scenes by Timecode: Detects scene breaks using the tape's time/date stamp. (DV and HDV camcorders add a time/date stamp to the tape each time you press Record). When you use timecode scene detection, a separate clip is captured for each scene, and placed in the Project view of the Tasks panel. In the Organizer, each scene appears as a separate clip."


      Here's the thing, isn't that exactly what it's doing?! Each tape gets broken down into 5 or 6 clips and I'm pretty sure it's whenever there's a break. But that button is clearly unchecked. Am I missing something? What exactly is the time code split if not what it's already doing?


      Thanks for your time!