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    3D in Flash Player 10

    ProjectedSurplus Level 1

      I've read the new Flash Player 10 documentation and associated blog posts extensively but still am unclear on some aspects of 3D classes/implementation (apparently it is really 2.5D but nonetheless).


      Succinctly put my application GUI is a "room" with (front to back) a single facing wall (ie no side walls), a floor and a desk.


      Ideally each of the above elements can be customized (ie wall color, floor texture, desk shape/style).


      I've been playing around with z, transformZ, scaleZ, matrix and matrix3D properties but thus far am unable to achieve the desired effect of essentially a trapezoid perspective (ie narrower at the top than bottom) for both the floor and desk.


      Does anyone have any suggestions/guidelines?


      Most tutorials work solely with 2D playing cards and/or rotating cubes.  Fwiw the floor could be 2d but I envision a desk that would be "cube" (ie desktop and desk sides) though I am NOT at the moment at least looking to move around the room so need neither a "camera" nor much real time rendering.


      Thanks in advance