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    Audio (PPC) File Size

      Hello. We have been working with Adobe Presenter to create presentations/lectures which we ultimately upload to our University Adobe Connect server. We have been seeing some very annoying problems with the size of the audio (PPC) file.

      On one system, I recorded a lecture that had 60 slides and 60 minutes of audio. The PPC file size is roughly about 30MB.

      On another system, I recorded 18 slides with 23 minutes of audio. The PPC files size is roughly 130MB.

      I then took the 2nd presentation I created (130MB) and attempted to split it into two presentations to get smaller lecture sizes. I did this via Adobe Presenter and PowerPoint. I cut the presentation into two presentations, A and B. I then had 2 audio (PPC) files per part (A & B). The very strange thing was that the size of the PPC file for each of them (130MB) was the same as it was when they were combined (130MB). I would think it should have been less, roughly half but it stayed identical. If I looked at the audio for part A and then for part B via the 'Audio Editor' it showed just their audio (so half the minutes as the original) but why is the size of the audio file the same as the combined version?

      One both the systems I am using to create/record these presentations, I am running Windows XP with Office 2003. Also, on each system, the audio quality level is the same.

      Please let me know what you think. I appreciate the help.

      Bob Schell
      University of Colorado Denver