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    ISO burning error : use of invalid editor "not multi-node in container"

    PC_Pete Level 1

      Can anyone help explain WTF this error is trying to tell me?


      This occurs repeatably using the burn to iso image function. There are no hidden tricks, this is a 2 hour 20-minute video conversion to DVD (PAL 720x576, 25fps, no deinterlace, lower field order, CBR 2.38mbps, so it should just fit on a standard DVD, but when the burn process gets to about 45%, it pops out this error.


      Any specific advice would be greatly appreciated. (N.B. "Check codecs" doesn't qualify as "specific", unfortunately, but I'm willing to listen.


      Oh goody, just found another bug in the forum "software" with smilies at the end of a line. Sigh.