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    Saving as a Mpeg


      I am using the Trial Version of Prem. Elms. 7. I have a 14.7GB Mpeg2  file and I used PE7 to remove the commercials. When I try to save it I get either a 5.2GB Mpeg2 file using MPG DVD or a 25GB file using Mpeg2 1920x1080. How do I get it to save as 14.7GB file.


      I am also using a Trial Version of VideoRedo Suite and it will save it as a 14.7GB Mpeg2 file, but it is easier to edit the commercials out with PE7.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          There are two things that define file sizes, if the CODEC chosen is the same, and that is Frame Size and bit-rate. What is the Frame Size of your original? What is the bit-rate of that file?


          If you Project Preset matches the Frame Size of your original, and then you Export to the same Frame size, choosing the same bit-rate, they will be similar, except for the material edited out. If you do not know the answers to the above, G-Spot will help you find that info.


          Remember, the trail version will leave an unremovable watermark on you Exported file. Do not want you to be surprised.


          Good luck, and please post back with the full details of your files.




          PS remember that you Project Presets should match your source material perfectly, or there will be issues.

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            KLINK48 Level 1

            Thanks for the info.


            I used MediaCoder to find out the file info. It said that the Bit Rate was CBR 18.The Frame size was 1920x1080. It was a converted TivoHD file. I used kmttg to transfer and decrypt(change to Mpeg2) the file from my TivoHD to my PC.


            The default for Mpeg2 1920x1081i in PE7 was VBR Min. 18, Target 25, Max. 30. When I changed it to CBR 18, the result was only 1GB larger than the original instead of 10GB, but the file was a .m2t file and not an Mpeg2 file


            I am trying trail versions for PE7 and VideoRedo Suite. PE7 is better for editing out commercials but VRDS is better for saving to Mpeg.

            It looks as though VRDS saves the file with the same specs. as the original file.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              With non-standard material, I find that other programs will often work better. With similar, but in SD, I usually capture with my A-D device, and capture as DV-AVI Type II, to be edited in PrPro. Now, if I was doing HD material, I might have a different workflow.


              There is no shame in using what works best for the task at hand.


              Good luck,



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                KLINK48 Level 1

                I agree.


                In the past I used Roxio to convert dvr-ms files from my XP-MCE 2005 PC to mpegs. I then imported the mpegs into PE2 to edit out the commercials and burn a DVD. These were all SD files.


                Since VRDS imports and exports Tivo files, it looks like the one to choose.


                Thanks for your help.