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    problems with hyperlinks in dynamic text




      I have a dynamic textbox on the 3rd level of a flash movie. The textbox has some hyperlinks for which I used this AS2 code as a test:


      textbox.html = true;
      textbox.htmlText = "<a href=' http://www.adobe.com' target='_blank'>Adobe</a>";


      When I test the scene it works well on all levels apart from the root level. When I test the whole movie, the link does not respond. On rollover the mouse converts into a text cursor, and I have to click several times, until randomly a hand comes up and the link opens. I don't understand why on all sublevels (in the movieclips), the link works perfectly (on rollover mouse becomes hand and click loads URL int browser), but not on the root level. Btw, I placed the movie with the textbox on top, so there is no layer above that in the root timeline. Please help!!!



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          dalcde Level 1

          try you getURL:

          onClipEvent (enterFrame){

               this.text = "Adobe"



               getURL("www.adobe.com", "_blank")


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            cbrylla Level 1

            Thanks for your response dalcde. However, in my dynamic textbox I have a list with more than 50 different items with different links, and using the HTML tag seems more convenient.


            I experimented a bit and found out what causes the problem:


            The parent movie clip of the movie clip with the textbox has a mirrored reflection attached to it, for which I use this code:


            import flash.display.*;//importing the bitmap class

            var bmd:BitmapData = new BitmapData(860, 330);//definition of a variable for the target bitmap and assigning values
            link_ref.attachBitmap(bmd, 1);//attaches target bitmap to movie clip (reflection)

            link_ref.setMask(link_mask);//sets mask over movie clip (reflection)

            this.onEnterFrame = function()


            When I switch that off, the link works fine when testing the movie. This is a bit weired cause when I test the scene with the reflection (2nd level after root) the link works fine. The problem only occurs when I test the movie (level 1). Anyways, switching off the reflection is obviously not an option as all the sites on my website have reflections. Is there a workaround to this? I was never aware that the bitmap class could interfere with hyperlinks.