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    Selecting item in combo box itemEditor, after passing it's dataprovider from a popup window

    megharajdeepak Level 1



      I have a datagrid which has a combo box itemeditor in the first column. When I click on the combobox, there is an item called 'Search'. When this is selected, a pop up window appears where we can search for some contact names. The search results are populated in List component, within the pop up and on double click of any of the names from the list, all of the list content is passed on as dataprovider to the combobox itemeditor of the grid. It works fine till here. Now, how can I highlight the selected name(name on which I double click, in the list of the pop up window), as the 'selectedItem' of the combobox itemeditor? ie., as soon as I double click the name, that name should appear on that combo box. As of now, wehn I double click, the search result names are passed on as dataprovider to the combobox, but a blank entry will be selected in th combobox, instead of the selected name from teh list of the pop up window. Can you please help me out on how to achieve this? I had been cracking my head for 2days now, hasn't worked out yet for me