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    Drop Down List is not able to display > 255 entries




      I did a test and found out that a drop down list in the adobe form is only displaying 1 entry when the actual entries retrieved are more than 255 items.


      1. A drop down list in my adobe form is used to display various phone model.
      2. I have 225 models and it is able to display all 225 entries when I open the drop down list.
      3. After that, I created 1 extra model to make it become 226 models, the drop drop is only showing 1 entry for selection when I click the drop down.
      4. It can show all entries again when i delete the 1 entry from database.


      Looks like the drop down list is only able to contain 225 items, if it has more than 225 items then it will shows only 1 entry for selection.


      Please advice if there is any solution to fix this?