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    how to make clean nice small-sized ebooks?

    migduvednok Level 1

      I use a HP c4485 3-in-one scanner through Acrobat 9 to scan my old books to PDF, so as to time-preserve them, but i can never get a clean ebook below 20mb - which i what i want - i always get damaged letters and fuzzy background and filesizes from 70 (after having "reduced" them manually yet again) to 300mb.


      I scan in 200dpi (so as to reduce the file size and speed up the reader-head when it scans) and always crop the pages after it's done.


      Ideally i'd like adobe acrobat to "read" the text, and then make a new document with the plain text (not as graphics but as text on a white background), but how do i alternatively in general just make a lowsized and find quality scan of books with 100-300 pages?


      Thank You in advance.