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    'ghost' fields - nothing to do with handles!

    Karel Bata Level 1

      My apologies for posting this again, but the first thread went a bit AWOL - my fault entirely for being a bit vague. But I do need this answered somehow. Ideally NOT through trial and error at the rendering stage - which is probably too late.


      I've been transferring stuff from PAL composite video via a Canopus ADVC300: http://desktop.grassvalley.com/products/ADVC300/index.php It creates 768x576 AVI files (codec DV-PAL ) which I then import into Premiere. I output with black bars on the sides to DV NTSC 720x480 (the guys in the Encore forum advised that NTSC DVDs were more universally playable).


      The project is something first edited 20 years ago. The task here was to clean it up by substituting whatever 'old' footage could be found (some of it from another old edit) with the effects now applied digitally. It's been a bit of a challenge, but an interesting analog/digital comparison.


      Playing through the material frame by frame I see no probs, apart from degredation due to the limited fx capabilities available then. But once I output DV NTSC 720x480 ready for transcoding I've started seeing 'ghost' fields of material from the frame before which so far have been 'invisible'. This may well be happening continuously because for most shots it would make no perceptible difference (except for a shift in soundtrack of 2%) but sometimes that field is from a different shot and shows up as a one frame 50% mix at the head. Literally a ghost form a shot discarded 20 years ago!


      These 'ghosts' were not visible on tape, nor during my edit.


      How can this be? How do I fix it? It's cut very tightly - with some shots there's only 4 frames so I can't throw anything away. I can think of a few cheats, but life's way too short.


      my workflow is: tape -> DV-PAL 768x576 -> Premiere CS3 -> output DV NTSC 720x480


      This is really weird. Any ideas?