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    Changing the paper each page is printed on, printing PDFs


      I use ABCpdf to create a PDF in C#. PDF letters are then appended to this, with 0 to many PDF brochures appended after each letter. What I need to do is print the letter out on letter head and the brochures out to blank paper (Assuming the letter head is in tray 1 and blank paper in tray 2).
      Page 1Letter1
      Page 2 Brochure1
      Page 3Brochure2
      Page 4 Letter 2
      Page 5 Brochure1
      So above, I need to print in that order (so each customer gets the correct number of brochures per letter), but with the two letters going to letter head and 3 brochures printed to blank paper. For the above, it could be possible to create two PDFs for each letter instead of one large one (but this would result in many prints jobs being sent for large jobs). Can anyone see a solution for this?