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    Vista 64 business and PDFs

    Mark_J_Cornwell Level 1

      Hi, I've just got a new PC. Vista 64bit Business Edition.


      I went to read a PDF and the reader was not installed. I came to the page to get reader and it installed the download manager and said it was done. But double clicking tried to open the file in  Photoshop. I went to look and found "AIR media player" there so tried that... no joy. I uninstalled media player and tried... no joy. I tried installing the previous reader... nothing. I've tried installing reader 9 again... nothing.


      Each time I try it is as if nothing exists to read the PDF as it asks me what I want to open it with and doesn't have Acrobat as an option. Similarly if I try to open a PDF in IE or Firefox it asks me if I want to download the file... before asking what I want to open it with.


      Any ideas?