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    Illustrator 10 printing issue


      I have a client thatinstalled Illustrator 10 a while back with no problems. Then she installed CS2 with still no problems. I installed CS3 at her request and it seemed fine at first. She now says that when she boots up and just uses Illustrator 10 and tries to print it works. Only after she opens CS3 and tries to go back and print out of Illustrator 10 she get an error saying that it cannot print. CS3 prints fine all the time. Illustrator 10 won't print until she reboots and does not open CS3. I've uninstalled CS2. It just seems like CS3 is taking over the print capability and wont relinquish it even after closing the program. She says she's got to have both. Do these two not play together well? Anybody ever seen this and know how to fix it? Thanks in advance.