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    Wow! I feel like a "Crash-Test" Dummy!

    Shao Lung Level 1

      First of all - I wabt to like Premiere CS4 - I really do. However, I started a new project with it, captured clips, started working........


      ..........and that is where the trouble began.


      This program is crashing upon virtually EVERY save or auto-save. I suffered through it for a few weeks (it is totally random when it crashes) and after this purgatorius experience(I have sent 411 crash reports to Adobe) - I exported my edited clips to CS3, set up a new project with the exact same settings as the old (NTSC DV, 48 KHZ 16 bit audio) and.............


      ...........I have been able to work and actually edit AND auto-save with NO crashes sice yesterday. Thank God I did not uninstall CS3.


      My system:


      Dual core Dual processor Woodcrest

      6 GB RAM

      6 TB HD Space (programs on C drive only)

      NVidia FX 3800 1 GB VRAM


      Any ideas as to where to go to troubleshoot - or should I just wait for an update? Any other crash experiences or problems? Thanks for any and all help. I really want to like CS4..............