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    Export video  - AVCHD Problems


      Hi all.

      I'm managing m2ts files coming from Canon HF10 with PE7. Import and editing works fine; now I need to create AVCHD disc structure to copy it on HF10 SD, so I can play video on my FullHD TV.


      I export video timeline using H.264 1920x1080i 30fps template (the same project configuration): the result is video.m2t file.

      Using tsMuxer software, I'm importing video.m2t to generate AVCHD disk structure but I have to change m2t suffix to .ts suffix otherwise tsMuxer refuses to import the file; I take a look at video.ts properties: codec MPEG-2 1920x1080i is shown. I'm expecting H.264 codec, what's wrong???

      I try to create AVCHD Disc structure anyway, but HF10 is not able to detect any scene.


      I've tried Nero 9: import video.m2t file generated da PE7, I go head to create AVCHD disk but Nero starts to re-encode the video .....too much time needed......

      If I import original m2ts files without editing in PE7, Nero doesn't re-encodes videos and takes few minutes to generate AVCHD disc.


      What is the righ configuration in PE7 to export video, avoiding re-encoding process for creation AVCHD disc?


      Thank you for any comments