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    Import avi with format 1170x905


      Good afternoon,


      I am using Premiere Elements version 7.


      We recorded with another tool the use of a program. You could say that we now have a screenshot movie. The size of this avi is 1170x905 and a framerate of 200.00. Now I want to import it into Premiere Elements and add text, cut it and so on.


      Problem: When I import it, the quality is always significantly worse than the original. I tried different settings. I can only set it when I create a new project. There are some formats for computer files, but I can not change the size. The fields are disabled. Later on I want to export it in exactly the same format.


      What can I do? Reducing the quality is not an option.





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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          That is indeed an odd Frame Size. I doubt that you will ever be able to get PrE to properly handle it. Most NLE programs allow some setting of a Project, prior to start. Most offer Presets (common file types and specifications) and all of the work is done around those. PrE's list of Presets is good, for common file types and specifications. Your's is not common. PrE does not allow for custom Project settings. It's big-brother, PrPro does, with its Desktop Mode. It also allows one to mix these settings per each Sequence in a Project, as of CS4.


          I think that for the best results, you will be better off with PrPro, or equal, as PrE will always force your Assets to match the Project settings.


          Out of curiosity, which Project Presets have you used? You might be able to improve things a bit, by getting close, and then surveying how PrE handles the odd Assets. However, that will be "as good as it gets."


          Good luck, and sorry for the bad news,



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            As an additional note: your Frame Rate will still be a problem, even if you could get a Preset that is close with regard to Frame Size. Again, PrPro will allow one to tailor a Project/Sequence to custom settings, but PrE will not, as it is designed as a "consumer" NLE and is built around the specs of many consumer formats. PrPro is a much more powerful program, and though tailored around "common" Prests, does allow the user to Import and Edit custom material.


            Good luck,



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              I think that the real deal breaker in using Premiere Elements 7 for this task is the frame rate, 200 frames per second. Also, you say that you want to export, keeping the same format as the import which you describe as .avi. What kind of .avi do you have, since .avi is just the wrapper which can contain a variety of compression types?


              I will toss out a few features of Premiere Elements 7 which do not come together for me to say "this is the answer".


              1.Premiere Elements 7, New Project Dialog, use the project preset for now of NTSC DV Standard or Widescreen (or PAL counterpart if you are in a PAL region). This is not critical because of what comes next. Once the workspace opens, go to Edit Menu/Preferences/General and uncheck "Default Scale to Frame Size" so that you will be seeing your 1170 x 905 image in the Monitor in the Edit area and not it scaled to the project preset frame size of 720 x 480.

              2. Import your video into Premiere Elements 7, using Get Media/Files & Folders from the hard drive save location. Go to the Project Media View and right click that video file there, select Interpret Footage. In the Interpret Footage dialog, Frame Rate/Assume this frame rate, type in 200 for fps.


              3. The frame size should not be the issue in the export, but the frame rate is. I have not found an export with a frame rate greater than 60 fps.

              Example: if you went File Menu/Export/Movie, Settings, used Microsoft AVI, you could type in your frame size of 1170 x 905, but the max fps appears to be 60, no where near 200. Then, since I do not what type of AVI that you have, this route may be entirely in appropriate.


              Just some thoughts.



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                If you wish to follow up a bit on Tony's question about .AVI files, this ARTICLE will give you some background.


                Good luck,




                PS - I am assuming that "Berlin" is not Berlin, OH/USA, so you will be dealing with PAL Projects and Assets. Is that correct?