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    Presenter 7.0.1 Failed to import WAV

    Colin Davis

      I have recorded my audio in Adobe Soundbooth.  I have inserted markers for each slide.  I have save the file as a WAV file in Soundbooth.


      Now when I go to Presenter and say Import Audio, point to the WAV file, it says "the file may be corrupt or of an unsupported type."


      I can not find a list of supported types.  How can I go from Soundbooth to Presenter without having to split the file up into multiple mp3 files?



      Colin Davis


      PS.  I tried using the Adobe Support Portal Web Site to ask this question, but I just get Page Not Found.

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          Colin Davis Level 1

          I spent 1 hour on the phone to Adobe Support and they hadn't got a clue.  Whilst on the phone I found my own answer by trial and error.


          In Soundbooth, select File, Save As, enter a file name, then in the settings dialog choose "Sample Type: 16 bit".


          Nothing else seems to work and the default is "32 bit fload".


          Very well documented Adobe, perhaps an addition to your help files?


          But that leads me to another question, because it still isn't splitting the audio over muliple slides.  I will post another question on that one.



          Colin Davis