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    Print/Page Tiling?


      I'm playing around with Illustrator CS 4 and the print tiling thing is kinda throwing me off.  Here's my scenario:


      Let's say I'm creating a new document with A4 - sized artboards and I want 10 artboards in 2 rows. I want to see the print tiling on all the artboards at the same time but when I go into the print (setup) I can't turn the tiling on (greyed out).  If I use the print tiling tool, it only does it for 1 artboard and if I go to View > Show Print Tiling, once again only on 1 artboard.  So my question is how do I turn on print tiling on multiple artboards at the same time?


      In the pic below, it shows page tiling from a document originally drawn in Illustrator CS and it has page tiling in all the pages. I want that in my artboards.


      P.S. I'm on a Mac