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    error while reading


      Hi, I have two pdf that show the same problem. When I open with Adobe Reader 6.0.6 them I read two error messages:

      1) "This file use a new format that this version of Acrobat doesn't support... update to new version"


      2) "An error occurs while reading this document(12)" Both file have a pdx and link to external pdf file. I created index and link with Adobe Pro 9, I have selected compatibility from Adobe 4.0, but this problem is on the orginal version without link and index.

      We would use 6.0.x version of Adobe Reader for its support OS, like windows 98SE.


      Is there anyone could help me

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I don't think the current indexing software is compatible with versions of Reader that old. I'd recommend using an external index rather than an embedded index, then the file should be compatible if made witht the correct settings.

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            rosfio Level 1

            thanks but those errors are indipendet from the link etc. because I have tried with the orginal version without link and pdx, I done the same things with other pdf, and there aren't errors. I inquired if there is a specific error, in the error message (12), that could help someone and if there is a version of Adobe Reader that support win 98SE.