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    Copy paste anchor point not the same ???

    fredou_79 Level 1

      Ok I got stabilizing Anchor points on a 1440x1080 clip with 1.33 in a 1920x1080 sequence with square pixels, when I copy anchor point from layer containing clip to a Null object, the anchor point aren't the same so that whenn I try to link a camera to my Null object it doesn't take all stabilization out out of shot because of pixel synch.


      I know that this is somewhat caused by pixels and ratio in my project versus clip's one.


      First cords for my anchor point is 960, 540 for null object and 720, 540 for clip...


      Any clue as to make pixel match this so that I'll be able to do what I desire ?

      (the idea is to bring back only part of stabilisation with the "smooth" expression...)


      Thank you as always.