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    help with ymouse restriction

    Level 7
      Hi all this is beyond my skill so I am hoping you can help. I have a
      scrolling movie clip that scolls left or right depending on where your mouse
      moves on the ENTIRE stage. I want to confine it to only work when the mouse
      is over the scorlling clip. I am told I need "ymouse test restriction" in
      the enginehandler. This is the code for the first lines of the engine
      the MC sits on X of -10.9 and Y of 420 THANK YOU so much.

      function startEngine() {
      this.onEnterFrame = engineHandler;}

      function addObjects() { //add objects in the scene

      var objects = xmlObj.firstChild.childNodes;

      for(var i=0; i<objects.length; i++) {

      var link = objects .attributes.source; //the image link in the xml file
      if (useFixedImageSize==1) source1 = "imgMc"; //image mc linkage id from the
      else source1 = "imgMc_01"; var sourceType1 = "library";
      var regName1 = "p"+i; //the registration name used in Flash


      var x1 = (this["p0"]._width/2 + xOffset) + (i * (this[regName1]._width +
      var y1 = this["p0"]._height/2;

      this[regName1]._x = x1;
      this[regName1]._y = y1;

      //this[regName1]["imgBox"].loadMovie(link); //load external image

      if (useZoom) { //set some variables used in object zoom calculation
      this[regName1]["currZoom"] = 0;

      this[regName1]["info"] = objects
      ;//keep the XML node info
      nodes = this[regName1]; //add object to nodes array

      //this[regName1].onPress = pressHandler;
      //this[regName1].onRelease = this[regName1].onReleaseOutside =


      var nr = objects.length;
      var inst = "p"+nr;
      var pos = sc.getCoordinates(inst);

      totalDistance = (nr * (this["p0"]._width + offset)) - offset;
      //trace(totalDistance+" "+this["p0"]._width);