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    No pdf thumbnail preview in Windows XP Explorer


      I have searched and tried many different fixes to this issue and have had no luck in finding a solution.


      I have over 700 PC's that due to a huge security flaw is forcing me to upgrade from our current version of Adobe Reader 8.1.0 to the 'fixed' version of 9.1.3.


      Due to the huge number of PC's I have this all being done with automated scripts.  The issue is not with the deployment, but the funcationality of PDF thumbnails.


      Once upgraded, the PCs can no longer see a thumbnail view of the PDF's.


      Let me start with the method of upgrade.
      - I began with creating and admin install of Reader 9.1
      - I then applied patch 9.1.2 to that admin install. 
      - After that I then applied the 9.1.3 patch as well. 
      - Using the -r option I created an answer file (setup.iss) file for the install.
      - I then pushed the installation silently to all the machines.


      I thought that this was simply due to the fact that they were upgraded, meaning that the 9.1.3 install had to first remove 8.1.0 and it may not have been done cleanly.  However, I ran the same install on a PC that had NO Adobe products on it whatsoever and yet it still has the same issue even though it is a 'clean' install.


      Things I have  tried.
      - I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the package.
      - I have tried re-creating the Admin Image and re-installing it.
      - I have tried associating PDFs with notepad, then back to Adobe Reader.
      - I have re-registered the pdfshell.dll file.
      - I have run the Repair Installation utility.


      My guess is that there has to be a simple registry entry or .dlll file that is causing this.