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    Converting NEF (Nikon RAW) to DNG results in error message


      I'm trying to convert the NEF (raw) images off my Nikon d90 to DNG to import and work with in PS CS2. Using the DNG Converter tool, having made my settings and pressing "Convert", I get an error for all the 54 files in the selected folder. "An error occurred when the file was analyzed" (roughly translated).  DNG Converter settings: JPEG preview: Medium size Compression: Lossless compression Keep Raw image Do not embed Raw image  I tried with all the different settings though and get the same error message. I was able to convert the images to JPEG with Nikon's native tool, so I thought the NEF files were alright, but it seems something about them is corrupted?  I'm on a one year old Dell Inspiron 1721 with an ATD processor with Vista Home Premium (32bit) and a legal copy of Photoshop CS2.