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    AsDocs ******* with pseudo-static inheritance


      Hey all,

      I'm experiencing some ******* outputing AsDocs through Flash Builder & thought I'd first run this by y'all to make sure that I'm not doing something stupidly wrong before submitting it as a bug...


      So here's the situation.

      My actionscript project has a class, *.events.TileEvent which inherits from the generic flash.events.Event class.

      This class has several static constants (ON_TILE_ROLLOVER, etc..) which are used to define certain events specific to the TileEvent.


      I then created another class, *.ui.TileEvent which subclasses (inherits) from the *.events.TileEvent.  This was done so that I could add additional constants which are specific to particular creative (but not shared across all projects created using this codebase)  Simple enough so far, right?


      Okay, well I also wanted the ui.TileEvent to be able to use the static constants present in the events.TileEvent class.  Since static variables & methods aren't inherited by subclasses, I created a series of static getter methods in the ui.TileEvent class, gave them the same names as the static constants in the events.TileEvent class, figured that-was-that, and was ready to call it a day.


      Unfortunately, now whenever I run AsDocs on this actionscript project, I get an error (Could not create toplevel.xml).


      Am I missing something / going crazy / or something else?