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    I find it difficult to edit themes


      The PREL 7 themes are stored as .PREL files which cannot be edited with Photoshop Elements 7. Is there a way to get them in a format (TIF,PSD,JPG) that I PSE could process them?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Actually, the .PREL files are the Project files. Now, once the Themes have been applied, and the Project is Saved, they (the Themes applied) are stored within the .PREL's. There are only two programs that can Open .PREL files: PrE and PrPro. Even with PrE, there is little backward compatibility from later versions to earlier versions. Second, once Themes have been applied (or the older Instant Movie), even PrPro cannot Open them properly. One might get some elements, but many will be forever missing. To fully Open and use these, only that version of PrE is likely to do a good job.


          Now, Themes are made of many elements. Many of the individual elements can be edited, like the .PNG's, the MPEG's and the MP3's. That can change the Themes, though the results might not be what one would want.


          There have been some discussions on Muvipix on editing and creating Themes. That would be where I would start looking for recommendations.


          Also, there is another file type, that will only play in PrE and PrPro. That is the .PRTL Title Template files. Nothing else will Open these, except for these two programs. I have filed Feature Requests for the editing of .PRTL files in PS, or PS-Extended. To date, they still cannot be Opened in any version of PS.


          Good luck,



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Here is a look at the folder structure and the contents of a Theme. This is for my installation of PrE 4, but with the exception of more Themes and probably updated components, PrE 7 should be similar:




            Hope that this helps,



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              gsghert01 Level 1

              Yes that helps greatly. I was looking in the wrong place. I think I can work with the .PNG files using Photoshop Elements or Photoshop.


              Thanks Hunt.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                One suggestion that I would make would be to pick a Theme that you wanted to work on. Then using the exact same naming conventions, create a new folder. Keep it in the same folder hierarchy. Copy the files, that you wish to base your new Theme on into that new folder. This keeps everything else the same. When you go to PrE and go to add Themes, you should see your new folder listed, in the group.


                This way, if something goes very wrong, you will not have ruined your existing Themes.


                Good luck,