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    Please help me find a color profile for Samsung 2343bwx

    DigitalEternal Level 1

      Hi Everyone,


      Im just trying to get started in the graphical design field, I just bought a Samsung 2343BWX Lcd monitor (i know I know TN isnt the best for graphical design but im not rich), the color profile that came with the monitor is defective and displays everythign in a deep yellow tint, Ive tried using samsungs Natural Color Pro monitor profiling software but it results in a really ughly profile that is too dark and has a blueish tint to it.


      Samsung's support isnt much help (no sprise there) and I cant afford a spyder or eye-one hardware calibration tool at this point.


      Does anyone have or know where I can get a good color profile for this monitor? You have no idea how much I would appriciate it.


      Thank you in advance for your help


      All The Best

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          DigitalEternal Level 1

          Dont everyone respond at once now

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            Lou Dina Level 3

            You have a few choices....


            1.  Use the generic monitor profile supplied with your monitor, the one that came with it when you bought it.  This will be generic, and will not account for drift, and probably won't be all that accurate.  But, at least it should be in the general ballpark since it represents a cross section of a grouping of similar monitors.


            2.  Try one of the presets that came with your monitor. I don't know what presets or controls are offered with this monitor, but I would shoot for a color temp between 5000K and 5500K, a 2.2 gamma, and a reasonably dim brightness setting.


            3.  Find someone who can do a hardware/software calibration, either a friend, or someone who will do it for a fee.  This will get it right once (if they know what they are doing), but will not account for drift over the long term.


            4.  Search online and see if you can find some visual calibration target and do it by eyeball.  This is usually not easy to do, and probably won't be satisfactory, but you can give it a try.


            5.  Buy a calibration package and do it yourself.  You should probably calibrate an LCD monitor at least monthly (I do mine weekly).  This is the best way to go, at least if you are serious about accurate color.  And this doesn't guarantee that your monitor and print will match.  For that, you need to calibrate your printer for each type of paper you use, or rely on generic printer profiles.  Then, you have to make sure you set everything up properly and utilize all your profiles properly.  Sorry, but this is all part of the price you have to pay if you want good color.The fee involves money for the proper tools, education on how to use them, and experience in applying them properly.

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              DigitalEternal Level 1

              Hi and Thanks for the reply,


              Again, the profile that came with the monitor is defective, I cant afford a hardware monitor calibration kit and I dont know anyone who has one.


              This monitor was fairly popular amongst gaphic designers and animators because its extra wide so you have more workspace, which is why I was hoping maybe someone on these forums had it.


              All I need is properly profiled ICM for this monitor, I dont really think it needs to be calibrated more then once, there wont be any quatifiable difference so i would really be happy just having a properly profiled icm to work with.