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    Make a decompiled CHM into a Robohelp 8 Project


      Hello everyone,


      I apologize for the novice level of my question, I've only started using Robohelp a few days ago.  My company wants me to update our software's help file (it was originally created in RH6, I believe).  Unfortunately the last person to work on it no longer works for us, and he apparently has all copies of the project files used to compile it originally.


      I found how to decompile the CHM into its component files but when I decompiled it I didn't get a XPJ project file.  I'm unsure how to make this project "whole" again, is there any way to re-integrate this into a project (hopefully retaining the TOC, Indexes, images, links, etc.) or do I have to create a new project and import each file individually?


      I searched these forums and Peter Grainge's site for a while but couldn't find an answer, I apologize if this has already come up and I missed it.  Any help or guidance you folks can give me will be greatly appreciated.


      Dan Amato