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    Simple flash based board


      Hello, I am very newb-ish when it comes to flash but I can find my way around. My problem is I need to turn this map http://donmegel.com/AA.html into somthing that people can manipulate.


      I need to make the little icons movable so that someone can drag thier units into another area. I know how to do this, the trick is making sure they stay that way and not reset when the person leaves.


      Also, I need to be able to add more icons without loosing the posistion of the ones currently on the board.


      Finally, I need the icons that have been moved to turn another color, perhaps greyed out.


      This all sounds really simple in flash but my skills are not sufficiant as of yet.


      Does anyone have any ideas?





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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There is nothing really simple about what you want, especially as soon as you get into the part about wanting things not to reset when people leave.  That requires remembering things, which requires the incorporation of a database or other means of creating, recording, and updating data.  Your file needs to be reliant on that database in order to both set up the initial conditions, and then adjust the database when changes are made.  And if you have multiple people potentially using it at the same time, a whole bunch of issues will probably emerge.


          So if you are ready to climb onto a steep learning curve, your best bet is to get the pieces and interactions defined to exacting details, and the search Google for "AS2 PHP MySQL tutorial".

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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            use stopDrag() to stop dragging the currently dragged icon.


            if you want to add icons dynamically use attachMovie();


            the gray-out an icon assign its _alpha to something less than 100.