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    Overloading Catalyst


      I'm busy building my website for my portfolio  I have about  32 layers in total. I'm trying to make a gallery to show all my art work. Well when I was about half way through working on my Catalyst project I went to take a break. I saved and closed. When I came back my project loaded fine but as soon as I went to look at my other states the work area went completely white. I hit "refresh artwork" and I reloaded the project.


      As soon as I changed states everything turned for the worse.


      What is Catalyst's limit for Photoshop file sizes?

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          Tara Jane Feener Level 3


          So the Beta 1 Photoshop upper file size limit is 15Mb.

          What is the file size of the photoshop file you're importing?



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            ssjjessy Level 1

            It was 9.52MB. I've been working on my project for about 5 hours. Maybe it can handle having so much artwork imported onto one project?

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              Tara Jane Feener Level 3

              Thanks for getting back to me with the photoshop file size.


              How many states do you currently have in your project?

              With an almost 10 Mb file, having multiple states might slow performance.


              Have you tried saving your project, closing Catalyst, and re-opening the .fxp?



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                ssjjessy Level 1

                About 10 states.


                I have tried all of those solutions. The only thing that seems to work is restarting my PC and then running Catalyst until the problem happens again.

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                  I had probs with FC at first too, my PC has about 2gb of RAM, so until my job upgrades me to 4mb, I try to just keep FC open by itself. I'll do what I need in Photoshop, then close it, then open FC, and not have much else open while in FC. Then I'll try to keep a PSD that I can fall back to if project hoses up in FC. Same with Flash Builder, I've had bugs surface in FB, and have to reimport FXP files. So as I make changes in FC, I'll save each phase as a new filename version, so I can fallback to last iteration if I hit a frag.

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                    Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee



                    It's possible there's also something about your project specifically that's triggering a Flash Catalyst bug or memory leak.  Would you be willing to supply us with the FXP file you're having trouble with so that we can do some testing on it?




                    - Peter

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                      ssjjessy Level 1

                      I would but I'm not sure if the error would happen for anyone else. It seems that after restarting my entire pc the error doesn't show up until after a few hours in working in Catalyst. If I restart my computer I can work in it for a few hours again.


                      If you're still willing to try it out I'll upload it again. I'm just starting to think it is just my pc.