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      yes i am very new to Flash


      I have a flash project where I want when i click on a link it open in a movie clip.


      the movie clip is call mccontainer but i try doing parent.mccontainer but that did work.


      I am using CS4 the only document i found that was near to what i what to do is this but i try this but nothing is it different in CS4


      so basically i want to click on a link that go to www.google.com but it doesn't open a new windows it load into a movie clip.






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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are trying to open a web page (html, php, etc) inside a movieclip in Flash, it cannot be done.  The link you showed discusses loading a Flash movie into a movieclip, which is very different and can be done.

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            rbookal Level 1

            well it's not really a webpage i was just give an example. I have a menu on top and i want went i click an link on the menu it open in the movie clip.


            so bascially i have the menu and i want to load the content below it so if a movie clip is not the correct way can you please let me now how i would accomplish this.


            that how alot of website is so i wouldn't think it's hard.

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You may be misunderstanding what you see in those web sites.


              One way of using Flash... you can create a Flash menu and have that placed in an html page as the navigation for the site, but each of the pages that it pulls up are separate html pages with the same menu being reloaded into each.


              Another way is to have a full flash site.  This is where the pages are built into the Flash file, they are not linked html pages, so each buton either goes to a different section of the timeline or manages the display of sectional movieclips.  Using this apporach, you can also create separate Flash files that you can load as different sections, but they are still swf movie files and not web (html) pages... this is what that link you showed talks about.

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                rbookal Level 1

                Thanks the first option is what i want to do, I have a flash menu and it's in the html. I create i figure i could of done something like a frame but i guess not.




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                  Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  You could use a frames design for the web page, but using Flash to navigate it becomes more difficult.  The way they say to do it (specifying the 'target') doesn't work (at least not for me or anyone else I've seen post the problem), so you would have to end up probably using ExternalInterface to have javascript do the actual navigation commands for the other frames' content.

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                    rbookal Level 1



                    I will just create a frame and put the menu in.


                    Thanks for all your help.