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    Trial won't end even after purchase of subscription


      I began using PDF online as a trial.  I then purchased a subscription.  However, every time I try to use the Online PDF conversion, it indicates it is still a trial and I have used my 5 trial PDF conversions.  I have searched the website looking for an answer.  I also spent 2 hours on hold with customer service (no kidding).  I even checked the registration and my subscription to the Online PDF is registered.  I then followed the link from my receipt to be sure I was using the right page for the online conversion.  Does anyone have any advice??

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          I am having the same problem. I opened a web case 2 days ago (no response) and today I spent 45 minutes on hold for customer service, only to be told that they can't help me and I need to come to the forum to see if anyone else has a solution. I don't see any solutions - I only see more of the same problem. In my book, Adobe gets a "FAIL" rating for support and service.

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            bgresser Level 1

            It only gets better.  Adobe CLOSED my first ticket with the following:


            "A subscription is currently not showing up in this account. Please contact our customer service department for assistance with this issue.
            They can be reached at (800) 833-6687 - 6:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. Saturday- Sunday, Pacific Time.


            In the mean time, I have added 10 Create PDF Online conversions to your account."


            Today I opened a new ticket:


            "I submitted a ticket 0181107380 - it was closed but is not resolved. The problem remains.


            When I log in, the system shows I still have a trial even though I registered the product. I checked all the online resources. The
            resolution for the last ticket was for me to call customer support. I stayed on the line for 2 hours with customer support. One p
            erson asked me to hold and then I never heard from him again. I am not doing this any more. If this is not resolved, I will cancel
            the subscription and contact my credit card company to reverse the charge."


            This is really nuts.  I like the online conversion.  Used it with another company in the past.  It is a real business time saver.  This process, however, is nuts.  They should not advertise or direct customers to a resource ("call customer service") if it does not work.


            Better luck to you.  If you get an answer, let me know.



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              nearlynormalnora Level 1

              I just got off the phone with customer service - she saw the subscription.

              On the My Account page I see the subscription. And my bank has processed the

              charge already. What are you talking about?

              Adobe customer service and support has been absolutely atrocious.

              Please stop with these silly emails and call

              me at 703-408-1388.




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                I am having the exact same problem. I bought a monthly subscription on August 10th and I am still being treated as if my trial subscription is still currently going and that I have now used up all of my free pdfs. I paid for this service and it was processed on August 10, 2009... I called Adobe twice and they were of no help whatsoever and the last person said "I can't help you you need to go to the Adobe forums". I want my money back....