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    The height of image control  is wrong,when I reset it's width

      I use an image control to display the image in my app.

      I set value to the width of the image control .like :

      <mx:image width="200">

      then I set the source of the Image control.

      when the width of the source image is larger than 200px,such as 400px.

      I alert the heighr of image control is height of the source image .

      for example:

      source image width=400px height=600px;

      image control width=200, I want the height = 300,but it's 600.

      this cause a problem to my app:

      I used a <mx:VBOX /> as a container to contain an image and textArea.

      the textArea can't be followed the image closely.

      sorry for my poor ENGLISH.
      thank you