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    continued trouble making button hot spot invisible after click


      I posted this question a few days ago and wasnt able to come up with a solution so I'm hoping to post again and see if anyone can steer me in the right direction. I have a few buttons that use loadmovienum to load a few clips into levels. The code on each button is something similar to:


      printbutton._visible = false;
      webbutton._visible = false;
      illusbutton._visible = false;
      threedbutton._visible = false;
      retouchbutton._visible = false;


      But because the print_index movie slowly scrolls across the stage rather than immediately replace it, there is a moment where the button turns completely invisible after the click. Perhaps the bigger problem is that it doesnt make any of the accompanying buttons invisible like it is supposed to- only the one that is clicked. Any ideas?