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    Fireworks Effect in Flash


      Hi all,


      I've been searching for a cool fireworks effect, and finally found this one: http://www.wipeout44.com/tutorials/flash_fireworks.asp

      I'm doing everything as explained, but cant get it to work. If anyone could give me an idea how to create an effect similar to this one or direct me to a tutorial, I'd appreciate that!




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          thepixelsmith Level 2

          What happens when you try it? Do you get error messages?

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            MediaVeli Level 1

            Hi Jerron,


            Thanks for the reply. I dont get any error messages. However, when I test it at the end I see only the explosion part of the fireworks. I dont see it getting higher. I think it's because the movie clip on the main stage is "bang" which has the actionscript code for explosion.


            Here is what I did:

            1. I created the fireworks image, converted it to a symbol and gave the name "particle".

            2. In Scene 1, clicked on the particle symbol and created another symbol named "bang"

            3. Inside the symbol "bang" gave it an instance name " particle" and inserted this code in the first frame:


            for (n=8; n<50; n++) {
            duplicateMovieClip("particle", "particle" add n, n);
            setProperty("particle" add n, _rotation, random(360));
            setProperty("particle" add n, _alpha, random(30)+80);
            setProperty("particle" add n, _xscale, 50+Number(random(60)));
            setProperty("particle" add n, _yscale, 50+Number(random(60)));
            tellTarget ("particle" add n) {


            4. In the particle movie clip I resized the object and did all the motion tweenings as instructed and added

            stop(); at the end.

            5. Changed the publish settings to Flash Player 6.


            This is all I did. I think it has something to do with creating the bang symbol within particle symbol which I didnt do, because when i tried to do it I couldnt give it an instance name. Sorry if I'm confusing you, but I am a little.