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    Scrolling Input Text

      I have scrolling input text from the bottom to the top of the screen as a motion twee. When published, I want the text to scroll along and have the ability to change the text to whatever is necessary that particular day - like announcements. This works however once the text gets to the top of the screen out of site and the flash movie loops...it begins again with the original text. Not the text that I changed it to during the playing of the movie.
      How do I get it so the movie loops but the text - once changed - stays to whatever was input.

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          I'm guessing that you are using a dynamic textfield to display this text. It sounds like you may have a conflict with the variable(s) that you are using to define the text to display. Is this original text defined as a variable, or is it placed directly into the textfield during authoring? If you create the variable that holds the text and then define the contents in Actionscript, and then set the text attribute of the textfield to that text, then, when you download the new text, set this new text to the same variable that you used for the default text. This should give you the result that you want.