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    Unwanted trapping

    jebediah3 Level 1

      Hi, I'm having some issues with Photoshop CS3/Illustrator CS3.


      In Illustrator, I have a CMYK psd file with a transparent background placed on top of a background that is coloured with a PMS colour. In Illustrator this looks fine however when I go to make a pdf (both high or low res), there is a dark line around my image, where it meets the background spot colour.


      It's as if one of the programs is adding trapping to my image - the background colour is overlapping the edge of the photo at about 1 pixel wide.


      How can I turn this trapping off? I can't for the life me figure out why it's appearing.


      Thanks in advance, Darren



      BTW I tried attaching a file but the browser couldn't seem to make it happen.

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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          You attach a screen shot or image with the camera tool and attach a file with the attach file feature.


          Attaching a file soneone suggested that if it shows up as queued then try to attach it again?


          A screenshot would be helpful.


          Picture 3.png

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            jebediah3 Level 1

            Thanks Wade. So this is a screen grab of what I'm seeing in my pdfs. There should be no dark outline around the pineapple and this dark outline does not show up when I look at the artwork in Illustrator.


            Cheers, Darren


            Picture 5.png

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              RogerPaine Level 1

              it looks to me like your psd file has some transparent areas that are not fully transparent - have you checked that there is no redundant pixels in the trans area? I would also make a selection of your trans area (in ps), expand it one or two px and delete - see if that has any efect on your ai file.

              Alternatively you could mask the object in ai. I have done this: copy the image auto trace so that you get only an outline of the bit you want - ignore white - expand and paste the image behind - select all and make clipping mask. you can then adjust the mask to get a perfect fit.

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                Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                I think in this case it might be better to simply mask it in AI as it

                does seem not to be a clean silhouette as you can easily see other

                pixel artifacts.


                I think a clean path in AI will give you the hard edge clean

                silhouette you are looking for.


                This is a pdf made from Illustrator with the clipping mask also mad in Illustrator.

                Of course if I had the original and not a screenshot things would look much better


                But you get the idea, You could go back to Photoshop an do some more careful erasing of the background.


                Picture 1.png


                Here is the path I used to make the clipping it takes about 5-10 minutes


                Picture 2.png


                And if you want a drop shadow that might be best in Illy as well


                Picture 3.png


                some of the other guys like Scott and James and Hans could d this better but the level of skill and practice is always importat.


                Now if you want it a little softer on the edges I would then go back to Photoshop do a more detailed silhouette and give it a light feather in Photoshop.