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    Improving Flash Slideshow

    BarryWaston Level 1

      So I have made a basic slideshow on flash for a website. Nice but simple, 3 images fading in and out. But I want to make a slideshow that moves either vertically or horizontally, but most likely at an angle. I also want some text to either fade in or move as well. So I have a few questions.


      1) What is the best way to get th pictures to move at an angle? I have read some xml options for editing in dreamweaver, can't seem to find one for moving the picture. I would imagine you have to edit it in flash? Yes I'm new to flash!


      2) I take it you edit the text in flash, could it be dynamic text and what is the best way to move it?



      Pretty new to flash. So any help would be useful. Or even where is best to read up on it.