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    Can I use Flex?


      I'm new to flex and working through some intro courses, but it's dawned on me that maybe I'm using the wrong application for what I want to do.  Essentially I'm trying to recreate a fantasy pool that we currently take part in.  I've got my connection to the database set up and I can create a datagrid that will display all the columns from a table.


      The application would have a main page showing the standings by category, and then a page for each roster.  The roster information is pulled from 4 tables, and then put together on a page.  I can create the queries that pulls the data back through a query tool, but can I do the same thing using flex?  Also should I pull all the data for all teams back into an array and then filter the data based on the team that user is currently viewing (id filter by team id).



      Before I get too much further into this am I using the wrong application, or should I continue forward. Attached is a screenshot of the report showing how data from different tables makes up the overall structure.