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    About compatibility with CS4


      I ask, may i use Kuler on Photoshop CS4, is it compatible with CS4, thanks.

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          Sonika Balyan Level 2

          Photoshop CS4 contains kuler under extensions menu. You don't need AIR version for CS4 products.

          Just go to WIndow->extensions->Kuler


          (Same with Flash Authoring, InDesign, Fireworks & Illustrator CS4)

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            You mean that Kuler is there by default ?


            I have nothing in my window/extension menu, except "connections"...



            I haven't found any .mxp or .mxi extension for photoshop CS4 on adobe's website, neither on Adobe Exchange.


            I'd really like to have Kuler integrated in Photoshop although Adobe says that we can get the extension for CS4, they don't provide any link to it on the dedicated Kuler's page, except the AIR widget, and a link to the kuler online tool.  (...or am i blind ?)


            Does any of you guys have some tip to get it appear, or a direct link to download the .mxp or .mxi extension ?




            PS : i'm on a french version of photoshop cs4 64bits, version 11.0.1.,

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              Sonika Balyan Level 2

              Unfortunately, Kuler is not available on French versions on CS4 point products due to legal issues. That is the reason, you see only connections under Windows->extensions menu.

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                =Kiwi= Level 1

                Too bad...!

                It would have made my life easier...

                Then I guess I'll keep on with the online Kuler.


                Thanks a lot for your reply Sonika.