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    Multiple Signature with Send for Changes

    S V Satish Kumar Level 1



      Scenario brief :


      The customer of an Organization downloads the form, fills in the details and signs the form with his signature(Some fields are locked after signing).It is then sent to Approver for his approval.The Approver can Approve,Reject and send the form back to customer for some clarifications.He performs the action, signs the form and sends the form back to customer.The Customer on receiveing the form wants to change the data.Since the form is locked how the customer can edit the data and where he can sign the form as the two signature fields are already signed.


      Please suggest me how i can proceed.



      S.V.Satish Kumar

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          N Santosh Kumar Adobe Employee

          Hi Satish,


          Would it be good if the scenario should be something like this :


          1) he customer of an Organization downloads the form , fills it , applies signature and sends it to approver

          2) The form comes back to customer only in cases where approver wants some clarifications from customer , in that case there is no need for approver to sign the form , approver should send the same form back (may be with some comments added) to the customer requesting the necessary changes

          3) customer clears the signature field from the form (which automatically removes locks on the fields) , makes necessary changes , applies fresh signature and sends the form to approver

          4) approver approver or reject and apply his/her signature





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            S V Satish Kumar Level 1

            Hi Santosh,


            The Approver needs to sign the form(either Approves, Rejects or Send back to Customer) before sending the form.

            The Scenario is as mentioned in my first post.

            If he clears the signature,changes the form data and signs the signature again what would be the signature status of both when it is validated.



            S.V.Satish Kumar

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              Scott_72 Level 1

              Hi Santosh!  I'm new to the world of creating forms.  I have one that I'm working on now that is similar in nature.  What is the process to create the button you discuss to clear the signature so the field are once again unlocked for editing?