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    Binding problem

      I've got this binding code working properly in my application, basically when a function in the model is triggered a custom bindable event is dispatches and the function getValue is called in all the elements of the view that are binded

      public var myModel:MyTestModel=new MyTestModel();

      <mx:TextInput id="textinput1" text="{myModel.getValue('strike')}"/>

      The question and my problem is, how can I create the same behaviour with BindingUtils coding it with as3? I need to pass an argument to the function myModel.getValue(identifier:String).

      I tried this but obviously is not working:
      public function createChildren{

      var textInput1:TextInput=new TextInput



      I need to code it in as3 because it's going to be a dinamic created form. is there another way around to do it?

      Thanks in advance!