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    Changing Default Topic / Start Page




      I'm working with RoboHelp 7 and am currently creating a process handbook in WebHelp Pro (single project - no merged projects). After extending the scope of the content, I decided to change the default topic or rather the start page's name to reflect the new content. What happens now is that when I open the new default topic ( .../!SSL!/WebHelp_Pro/NEW_DEFAULT_TOPIC.htm ), it displays the content of this page, but not the RoboHelp navigation panes to the left and at the top (TOC and Search/Glossary tabs). Instead you can see the word "Show" at the top left with a link. If you click on it, it finally opens the full screen with navigation panes and the URL changes to




      How can I completely remove the reference to the old default topic and change the default topic in such a way that it immediately opens the full RoboHelp screen with navigation panes and start page right when linking to / opening the new default topic?


      Thanks in advance for your advice!

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          In the first screen of the Generate WebHelp wizard, select the default topic. You'll find it under content.





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            A*N*D*R*E Level 1

            This is precisely what I did. I also renamed the project itself, not just the start page, but even after generating the primary layout all the RoboHelp system files (.glo, .hhc, .hhk, .lng, .ppf, .stp, .syn,...) in the !SSL!\WebHelp_Pro folder still depict the old project name.


            Also, there are an "OLD_DEFAULT_TOPIC.htm" and further to this an "OLD_DEFAULT_TOPIC_csh.htm" and "OLD_DEFAULT_TOPIC_hha.hhk" files in this folder too, all of which gives me the feeling that my renaming of the project and creation of a new default topic have not changed the project's naming and initial setup in any way and that the new default file first needs to find the old one before it can open.


            I'd like to A) change the entire project naming, so that the system files state the correct new project name and B) ensure that the new default topic opens without this "detour" via the obsolete old default topic.


            Any ideas?

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              Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



              Sorry that I misinterpreted your question. Exactly how did you rename your project? If you rename it trough the Project settings, you only rename the title of the project, not the files themselves.


              To rename your project, choose File | Rename project. This will rename all your project files, if you use source control, check out all your files first!

              To avoid the 'detour', don't output the WebHelp through the project toolbar. Instead, choose File | Generate primary layout and in 'select output folder and file name' set the folder you want to publish AND rename the filename OLD_DEFAULT_TOPIC.htm to the filename you want.


              You can set the name of this opening topic to anything you want, the first topic is merely the topic that the help system (==OLD_DEFAULT_TOPIC.htm) opens.