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    How to get the item on which the user has clicked in AdvancedDataGrid

    Yanislav Mihaylov


      I have a problem which I'm not sure if is related with that forum but I'm sure that there has to be somebody who can answer it.

      I have an AdvancedDataGrid with a tree structure represented in it. For example the table could contain the following data:



      Object 1100100100
      Sub Object1100100100
      Object 2505050
      Sub Object 2100100100
      Sub Object 3000



      So my problem is that when the user clicks on the Red cell I need to find which is the Object on which he had clicked on.

      The itemClicked Event accepts as parameter an ListEvent which does have which is the selected Row and the selected Column but it does not contain the information which is the Item on which the user has clicked which would be very helpfull in such situation.

      So do you know a good way to find the item or the only way is to cound the visible element in the Array?


      For example the event itemOpening keeps the item as an object for which it is relevant.


      Thanks and Best Regards